Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeCommerce?

WeCommerce is a leading provider of ecommerce enablement software to merchants. We operate in three segments – Apps, Themes and Agency – which together offer a suite of solutions that support Shopify merchants. Our portfolio of companies and brands today include Pixel Union, Out of the Sandbox, Archetype, Yopify, SuppleApps, Rehash, Foursixty and Stamped. As one of Shopify’s first partners since 2010, WeCommerce is focused on building, acquiring and investing in leading technology businesses operating in the Shopify partner ecosystem.

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When was WeCommerce founded?

WeCommerce was founded in 2019, when Pixel Union was re-acquired. Pixel Union was originally founded by WeCommerce’s co-founders in 2009 and was one of Shopify’s first ecosystem partners.

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Where is WeCommerce headquartered and incorporated?

WeCommerce is a remote organization, so our headquarters is simply The Internet. We are incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

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When did WeCommerce go public and at what price?

WeCommerce went public in December 2020 at a price of C$7 per share and trades on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TSXV) under the ticker symbol “WE.”

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Does WeCommerce pay a dividend?

No, WeCommerce does not pay a cash dividend.

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Who is WeCommerce’s transfer agent and what is their contact information?

Computershare is WeCommerce’s transfer agent. You can reach Computershare by one of the ways below:

By phone:
+1 877-373-6374 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
+1 781-575-3100 (everywhere else)

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Who are WeCommerce’s independent auditors?

KPMG LLP is our independent registered public accounting firm.

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How do I reach Investor Relations?

You can reach out to Gateway Investor Relations using the contact information below:

Tom Colton
Gateway Investor Relations
Phone: 949-574-3860

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When does WeCommerce’s fiscal year end?

WeCommerce’s fiscal year ends on December 31.

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